Friday Giveaway - Call to Artists

Be sure to check out last week's Friday Giveaway with JesseJanes and win 2 lovely scrabble pendants from her etsy store. Participation will close tonight at midnight CST. 

Now for this week, if you are a handmade designer/artist looking for some exposure, this one is for you!
Ad Spaces will soon be available here at
I love spotlighting handmade artists and designers so here is a little contest for you. 

This Week's Friday Giveaway is: 

- 5 Free Ad Spaces for the whole month of July. 
- Yes, FREE! Displayed at the Top Fold of my blog. 
- Size: standard 150x150
- Randomly rotating amongst each other. 
- Full Sponsor Feature for each 5 winners. 
- Each person will have their own designated day during the first week in July. 

How to participate? There are a few ways, you can do one or all. 
Each action will win you an entry

1. Subscribe to my RSS Feed - leave a comment in this post to let me know
2. Join my facebook page - and leave: participating in "Friday Giveaway - Call to Artists" on wall 
3. ReTweet this post (simply push button above) with "@washwhendirty: Friday Giveaway - Free Ad Contest" in the tweet - and Follow Me (note, make sure the link to the post is included in the tweet)
4. New option, Post on etsy thread:  Friday Giveaway - Call to Artist

The Giveaway will run  until next Friday, June 19th at midnight CST
The 5 winners will be announced on Saturday, June 20th at noon CST
The winners will be randomly chosen amongst all participants. 

Good Luck and Have Fun!! 



ldeandyment said...

I tweeted, subscribed and commented. I would love to win this.

Julie said...

Your Giveaway is fantastic! Well done!!! Love to win... :-) Just became a fan and I am following you on twitter and your blog!

Heather said...

Just tweeted, and commented facebook, and followed blog..

Bethany said...

Whee, I subscribed! The giveaway is great, but even more than that I am glad to have found your neat blog!

Mee a Bee said...

Thanks for the chance!

Laksaware said...


Thanks :)

antonia lindsey said...

I tweeted, would love to link blogs! and would like to accept your invitation to advertise. Nice!! Thanks for showing how to make a great blog.
Antonia Lindsey at Artimentary

Sarah said...

Such a great idea. I did all three. Subscribed, commented and tweeted. Thanks

ByCoco said...

I tweeted, became a fan, became a follower, and am now commenting that this is a remarkable giveaway and I'm surprised more artists haven't entered to win the great prize.
Thanks, for offering this.

Rosina said...

Great contest Kristina!! I just retweeted it for you :)
aka Rosy_Posy

Planet Playground said...

Thanks for the opportunity!
I started to follow you on twitter, and I re-tweeted that little blurb!!

Nathalie Brault said...

I subscribed to your RSS
and I also subscribed to your feddburner so I don't miss out on anything


Nathalie Brault said...

I also did the 4th option which was to post on the Etsy thread, thanks

Nathalie Brault said...

I also joined your fan page on facebook

Lara Harris said...

I did all 4 :o) Can you tell I am in need of exposure?...Thank you for the opportunity!

Lauren said...

Hi there - thanks for the opportunity!

I just subscribed!

Lauren said...

Just retweeted!

Lauren said...

Now I'm a fan of your facebook page, too!

Linda said...

I subscribed to RSS, posted at Facebook (was already a fan) and I'm about to Tweet.

PJHillco Crochet said...

What a great idea! Just as soon as I figure out Twitter, I'll be retweeting!

tkdesigns4u said...

Just completed all four steps!!
Thanks for a wonderful opportunity!

joy said...

i just added you to my RSS feed! yippee! i'll be using all four entries...

Fiazio said...

The chances are rare, but i don't care.
I've done all the procedure, wish me luck.

Baba said...

Fabulous! Tweeted, Facebook, Would love this for art work.

filthEdesign said...

great opportunity, i subscribed to your feed and will likely participate in the other possible ways :)

thank you!
emily | filthEdesign

ChezChani said...

Okey Dokey, fan of your FB page and Tweeted. Wish I could figure out how to get to my own fan page so I can invite you.

A Beaded Affair said...

You seem to be getting wonderful reactions to your blogs...and deservedly so...keep up the wonderful work you do!

Aziza said...

I subscribed to your RSS feed- super excited...hope I win!

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