Listen To The Darkside - Charlie Mars and Mary Louise Parker

Monday night, I went to make some buttons at 121studio, where my friend Chad gave me his brother's cd: Like a Bird, Like a Plane. This might demonstrate my musical ignorance, but I've never heard of Charlie Mars. And the fact that he is a local artist, only makes above statement even sadder.
Back to the cd, it's been playing in my car on rotation since Monday!It's filled with songs that just make you want to groove to them, and be engulfed in their musical universe. My favorites are #4: What Are You Looking For? and #5: Listen To The Darkside.

I find myself humming the chorus to "What Are You Looking For" while seating at my desk
and doodling away. It's one of those songs that urges to go and do something! Great soundtrack for a creative filled afternoon. I could go on, but you get the point. It's obvious, I've developed a musical crush! All the while, not really knowing who I was listening to.
Then today, I read an interview with Mary Louise Parker at American Songwriter, where she talks about her part in Listen To The Darkside's video. I mean how much better can things get?
I'm a super fan of Weeds and Mary Louise Parker, and has been super excited that Weeds Season 5 is finally here! So video below is a super treat!


Jen Kiaba said...

Very cool. I will have to check this out!

yellow finch designs said...

I forgot about Charlie Mars! I used to listen to him years ago. Thanks for the post...can't wait to listen to this cd. And I LOVE weeds too. Did you watch the first episode of s5?

kristina said...

yes, i did - wild is all i can say!

Amanda said...

catchy!! thanks for the recommendation! love it!

just wanted to let you know you can add me as a blogger follow here -go into your dashboard, scroll down to where it says "reading list," and under the "blogs I'm following," tab, hit the "add" button, and type in this link:

thank you so much for being a continued friend. you are such a creative inspiration to me and a source of happiness on sometimes yucky days :)

thank you also for the sweet comment you left on my blog. sometimes i feel so weak, it's good to know i'm still doing what my heart desires... inspiring people. it's humbling, and it means so much to me.


Amanda said...

oh yes and where did you find your pretty pretty blog background? it looks just like scrapbooking cardstock (i <3 scrapbooking!) the color is fabulous!

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