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I am an avid polaroid fan. I have been sad for a while because I have not been able to procure more films to go with my polaroid camera. Personally, I think polaroid shots are little instant mini arts. It was such a disappointment to find out polaroid cameras and films were no longer being produced.

Info is a re-post from the announcement about Urban Outfitters' Special Edition Deadstock Polaroid Film and Camera Kits, originally posted at poppytalk.

"They will have a limited edition of 700 hand-numbered deadstock Polaroid camera kits. It will feature one pack of deadstock Polaroid Instant Film and one of the most sought after analog instant camers: the Polaroid ONE600 Classic, the last Polaroid camera produced.

Urban Outfitters will also be offering additional deadstock original Polaroid Type 779 instant film saved from the last production runs made at the Polaroid factory in Enschede, Netherlands. Film will retail at $24 and the camera kits at $180.

The exclusive Special Edition Product Launch is scheduled for August 21st, 2009 in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver, New York (Broadway), New York (Second Avenue), Boston, London, England and camera kits will also be available online August 28th, 2009 at"

Also check out save polaroid flickr group and for tons of fun polaroid pics from all over the world. It shows that polaroids are definite cult obsessions and a favorite medium for both amateur and professional photographers alike.


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