How To Tuesday

This week, we will learn how to make organic lavender sachets.
The tutorial is coming up ASAP. But before we get started, I wanted to introduce "How To Tuesday" series.

How To Tuesday is a collaborative diy projects where different handmade artists/designers will share projects and give you a little glimpse of their handmade life.

My grandfather gave me my first camera when I was fourteen and about to embark on my first cross country trip. It was a simple point and shoot Pentax that gave me little control other than "Ohh I want to take a picture of *that*"
While I hate to be cliche, it was really love at first click.
Almost ten years later photography has evolved into an all encompassing passion for me. With my photographs I aim to explore the realms of dreams, memory, fairy tales and the gray areas where all three blend and blur.
My images are generally inspired by recollections of these.

Make sure to visit Jen's blog for a tutorial on how to edit photos for etsy using Picasa.


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