How To Make A Lavender Sachet

- Scrap fabrics & selvedges
- Organic French lavender (about 1/4 cup)
- Organic Flaxseed (about 1/2 cup)
Tools needed:
- Matt and rotary cutter
- Scissors
- Pinking shears
- Straight pins
- Needle & thread
- Sewing Machine

1. Cut fabric to make two 5x5 pieces. Trim the edges with a pinking shears to prevent fraying - I forgot this step when making these so make sure you don't :)
2. Pin and sew three of the sides. Leaving top open.
3. Prepare handle by trimming the fraying side of selvedge with pinking shears. Length of handle is up to you, I used an 8" long selvedge making approx. a 3.5" drop handle.
4. Generously fill the sac with mixture of organic French lavender and organic flaxseed.

5. Pin the handle in the middle of the top edge.

6. Sew the top. Back stitch at both ends. And Voila!!

These little sachets make great gifts. You can use them in your dryer, drawers. They also make soothing heated eye masks that will drive away headaches and tension.

Have fun!!

Photo Credits: William Patrick Butler



Pat! said...

looking good! :)

kimQuinn said...

Great job!! I do not sew, but after reading this I think I could actually do it, Thank you!!-Kim

BululuStudio said...

nice long does the smell last?

kristina said...

thank you kim! i believe you can :), my friend patrick learned to how to make these lovelies when we were shooting the pics and he did a great job - give it try, send me pics and we'll be glad to share them with everybody :)

the smell lasts a good while :), it depends on the quality of your lavender buds ... organic ones are the best, they preserve the smell really well. i have some i made this past summer and they still smell lovely. i haven't done it yet, but a friend suggested that when the scent starts to fade, you can hit the sachet in the microwave for no more than thirty seconds and the oil from the flaxseeds will help the lavender regain some scent.

Amanda said...

yes!! a tutorial so clear that even sewing-idiots like myself could probably do it! i miss your tutorials so i was sooo excited to see this! i think you did a good one on rotary cutting awhile back and were going to do cutting circles too - that would be a good one. and i want to learn how to applique!! :) anytime you want to guest blog on my site, too, you're more than welcome. thanks for the beautiful comment on my site. i am SO SO sorry to hear about your grandpa. they're so missed, but somehow the legacy they left is enough to comfort our hearts, isnt it? live, love and learn... what more could you ask for in life? xoxo

Studio618 said...

What a fun project. That's a really neat trick with microwaving. Wow! It is a lovely gift idea. Thanks.

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