Live Fast, Dream Forever

Someone I know uses that little phrase as his motto. And lately, a friend has been showing me how small and beautiful our world is, how infinite are the possibilities. Especially, in a world post Susan Doyle's "I dreamed a dream", anything is possible.
With the eagerness and the enthusiasm of a five year old, I am ready to get everything started and see where it will all lead me. My heart was heavy with questions and doubts for a while. But today, it is light. I am now traveling light. I am open to the new lessons ahead. Some will be difficult, and others will be simple. But I am ready. Ready to "Live Fast and Dream Forever"!
I have a buzzing feeling that all will be great and even though I haven't figured it all out, I don't really have to. I just need to start simply, slowly and build up from there.
Sometimes, it's easy to be jaded and burdened by the doubts and questions crowding our mind.
But I found peace in borrowed wisdom from Mother Teresa: "I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples". I'm setting forth to live, love and learn simply, one small stone at a time. Yes, my dreams are bigger than I can fathom at times and they seem unrealistic. But I am ready to make the small steps everyday that will lead me to them.
This is a new beginning of sorts. It's a renewed faith and confidence in myself.
This is just the story of a girl seeking ways to live, love and learn by simpler paths and with small footprints, in our big wide world.
Would love to share the journey with you. To the few of you that still read my little home on the web, thank you! And Looking forward to making new friendships too.
I don't have a clear pathway to where I am going but like the old adage says "it's the journey that counts, not the destination"


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