i &hearts handmade and green

I grew up watching my mom make our clothes and creating things around our house. She taught me how to sew, knit, crochet when I was just a wee bit. She fostered in me an appreciation for one-a-kind items that were lovingly created by hand and cherished by both its maker and its new owner. I am also growing daily in my little green love affair. I'm learning daily how to make small footprints and engage in more eco-friendly activities. And yes, green IS my favorite color!

With these in mind, I decided to re-direct this blog to help bring awareness to talented handmade artists and designers, as well as some eco-friendly tips. To me, being eco-friendly is at the heart of creating handmade items because they are not mass produced thus leaving only a tiny footprint. I also identify with the new talents who are looking for exposure amongst an ocean of experienced creative people.

I hope capture the person and the story behind each item. My goal is to lend a place where artists can share their visions by providing another venue to promote their products.
I am inspired by beauty and colors and wish to bring a little of both your way through sharing some great finds and favorites, supporting sustainable products, conducting in-depth interviews and hosting how-to tutorials. I also wish to be of service to the avid handmade buyer. And also inspire the casual "window shopper" to consider handmade and eco-friendly options.


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