something to think about...

a friend says that he wishes this quote was from him:
"laisse ce qui te retient delaisse ce qui t'appartient detache le lien qui lentement se resserre a tout ce qui t'indiffere et ne ressemble en rien ces reves ne sont pas les tiens si tu restes tu vas manquer d'air il suffit de tout envoyer en l'air"

roughly translated it's pretty much:
leave what holds you back detach the ties that slowly tightens all the things that you are indifferent to and doesn't look like anything if you stay, you are going to run out of air all it takes is to just throw it up in the air

(for those who know french, sorry if i butchered it...i've never been good at translating things
because these two languages are in different compartments in my

anyway, the difference between him and i? he is actually doing just this! incredible but true, and certainly really brave! and wickedly awesome! question is would i? ever? peut-etre, may be!

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