(wrote this a while back. it was about a friend, then it wasn't, and now it is again-she's still searching)

yuppies hanging out in a trendy bar.
boys wearing tight jeans, shaggy hair, converses
girls in tights, bohemian shirts, gauzy scarves
population: youth. a generation.
atmosphere: blue haze. alcohol induced stupor.
mood: you tell me.
rhythmic drums. singing bottles. dancing glasses.
world center to a boy.girl.revolution.
through one look across a couch.
through a mass of shadowy humanity.
amongst friends.foes.
strangers yet in'sync in all that matters.
one look narrating 2 entire life stories.
translating a quaint understanding.
a bizarre sense of finally arriving. finally belonging
one look muted all the noise. emptied the room.
transfixed 2 wandering souls in a unlikely meeting place.
yes! boy.girl.revolution.
brewing a long symphony of silent conversation.

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