november already!

i can't believe the year is almost near it's final days. once thanksgiving passes, it will be a fast count down from there because christmas, new year and all the hectic holiday festivities always make those last few weeks go in a zip.

i've been away for a while, had a few things that needed tending to. but glad to be back in the swing again, hopefully!

i will be playing a catch up game with the holiday season shopping wave, hopefully i can semi benefit from it since i'm late starting. october has been a productive month, i didn't really sell much of my own items on etsy, but i've been working on some alchemy items. so we'll see how things progress through this month and december.

i'm thankful though, that i'm still able to hang in there and somehow progressing through some small steps toward "making it" !


Marichelle said...

good luck with prepping for the holidays, I'm sure you're going to be one very very busy gal!!!

kristina said...

thanks marichelle =)...hope so too! getting geared up and ready =)

Jamie said...

Crazy holidays! It's already starting! You'll get through it. :)

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