dare i breathe again?

someone pinch me!!!
i'm so excited!! i just got a really sweet note from amy at adornbyamysingley . she told me that she just put one of my bags in a treasury!!! i'm doing cartwheels, and jumping all around if you can't tell..lol. i've been wanting to make a list myself for a while now since there are so many cool things on etsy, but never in a million years have i dreamed that i would be in one!

little progresses, one pebble at a time =)...as i'm slowing finding my way and learning the steps on how to succeed and soon i will be making it!

so thank you amy!! and you can check out the treasury here: handpicked by adornbyamysingley =)


YaYa's Funhouse said...

I can be a witness!! I had to tell her to breath!! Thanks guys!

Marichelle said...

congratulations!!! That's great news!!

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