how to sweat vegetables

top chef is one my favorite shows because it's always amazing how some of the chefs on there can come up with amazing recipes and cook something up under such a short amount of type, plus under pressure. one of the recipes i've been wanting to try is the squash soup with vanilla creme fresh that andrew and spike made. when i read the recipe there, it called to "sweat" all the vegetables with butter.
"sweat" vegetables? didn't have any clue what that meant.
so after a little research (thank god for google right!) i found out what it actually entails.
apparently, sweating means cooking but not brown.

here are the specs on how to sweat your vegetables:
- medium heat, a little oil and a pinch of salt (important part because the salt brings out hte moisture from the vegetables)
- cook until translucent or soft (don't brown)
- key is to not have any NOISE (if you hear hissing, sizzling or boiling sound then turn down the heat)
- it's like you are sauteeing with a little more moisture (which you get from the water drawn out from your vegetables by the salt)
- A medium heat, a little oil and (here's the important bit), a pinch of salt.
- you want a gentle bubbling (like at the very beginning when your water starts to boil)

now that it's clarified, i'm going to make that soup sometime this week and will let you know how it goes.

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