etsy transaction log

we live in a paperless world, and both etsy and paypal offer great tools that help you manage an online business simply and easily. although, as things are progressing, i'm finding myself in need of an organizational tool that reflects all the details of a transaction processed through etsy and paypal. where i can easily reference the total fee (listing + transaction) from etsy and paypal, with shipping cost, material list and cost and also some buyer contact info.
so today i decided to make a tracking form that i can file in a binder reflecting all the information involved with each transaction and also as a back up in case some glitch or something crazy happens to my little online universe (you just never know)

so here is what i came up with: and feel free to use it to meet your needs if you want. if you do, let me know if you find it useful and what changes do you think are needed to improve it.
i'm still fairly new at this so all of this is a learning process =)

downloads: word file and pdf file


Marichelle said...

I hear ya... some things are just meant to be printed out. Maybe that's very old school of me, but I totally agree with you on this one!! Love this post!!

Lolafalk said...

Great job on this form! I'm in the same boat as you - there are so many elements involved with a sale that go beyond the simple transaction. I really need to get better at factoring the TOTAL cost for me (i.e. materials, supplies, packaging, gas for running business-related errands...not to mention the actual cost of labor!) Kudos to you for doing this - you've inspired me to get my butt in gear and start better organizing my sales records!

kristina said...

thanks girls!

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