new! camera pod!

i always carry my camera with me everywhere (as well as my tape measure).
but the poor little fella gets bumped around in my purse (although, i've reverted back to digital and mr. oldie is now graciously seating on my coffee table) amongst sketchbook, keys, wallet, books, mags, laptop and whatever else is seem to manage to tote around.
i decided to make a little camera pod! it's actually big enough to also accommodate your phone or your ipod. it's lined with canvas making it very sturdy! it offers a great protective layer for your little electronic buddies. when my friends saw my little camera pod as i've been calling it, they wanted one too so then i thought why not share with my etsy friends?!
so i've been busy selecting fabrics, cutting and sewing and they will be at washwhendirty as soon as i'm done with ironing and some other little finishing touches!

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