how exciting is this?!!

i'm so excited about being one of 4 designers who will be part of hearthandmade's new feature: making it!


Studio618 said...

That's awesome Kristina. Congrats!

Did you get your "layout" tab back? I found 2 places that shows the "layout" - 1 as a tab on the Dashboard, the other is the page right after you log in. Yes, it's the Layout that you add the gadget "Follow it". Let me know when you have that set up so I can "Follow" your blog.

YaYa's Funhouse said...

hey gurl!! where is the fourth picture??

That really is a good picture of you.

kristina said...

she's not being introduced until tomorrow =) makes my head look huge!

Anna Lee H. in Toronto said...

Congratulations Kristina!
Your fresh new designs in fiber arts are a welcome addition to our team roster at eSMArts! Best of luck in this competition. We're cheering for you!
-Anna Lee H. in Toronto

kristina said...

thank you anna lee!
it's actually not a competition =)...hearthandmade is "following" us as we make steps toward becoming more successful with our respective businesses...she's featuring us on her blog every friday to log in our progress.

ismoyo said...

hihi... where's the fourth picture? ;) I'm revealed today!
Excited too!

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