tattooed existence

the story of her life is etched on her skin; her body narrates her journey through the tumults of existence. she is the canvas of an inspired painter. she is the never-ending page of a talented writer. she is the heartfelt lyric of a youthful singer. some are her thoughts; most are not. she seeks the wisdom of her elders and transcended their philosophy on her physical self through figures and colors.

there is a striking difference between her and her peers; she is the odd, the unusual, and the unexpected. she doesn't fit in the drafted mold of their existence. she is atypical. yet, she emanates with a strong and heightened vibe the spirit of His will. her eccentric attire strangely reflects the loose cloth and shroud that He once wore. her unusual look attracts the loner, the lost, and the forgotten to His house. her bare feet invite the poor in His footsteps. her piercings engage the confused youth to a better path. her smile won many hearts. she leads a simple yet complicated life. she spends her days in curious tasks; they are unusual and peculiar for most people but common to her. she knits with little old ladies and listens to tales of their past, filled with the excitement of their younger years. she reads to time withered looking men who show their experience through wrinkles and balding hair. she embodies the unfamiliar in a very familiar way. she accepts critics, judgments, insults and rejections with a smile and a prayer: "Thank YOU!"

her life is a constant struggle that she takes on with a light gentle stride. it's filled with many injustices, but she embraces them with the sun dazzling through her eyes. she shines the brightest in the darkest and most forgotten places.

she converses with Him often, in all that she does. she talks to him as she would with a dear friend. sometimes she tells him about her days, how she spent hours making mud cakes with pigtail wearing little girls, and how she played catch with vivacious little boys. she has the gift in turning the ordinary into extraordinary. she thanks Him for the curious looks sent her way, showing the unvoiced questions of passerby. sometimes, she shares with Him her deepest dream, her secret wish - Unity. sometimes she cries and pours her soul to Him when the pain is too sharp for her to bear alone. she doesn't care if He already knows; she knows He'd listen. when her heart is heavy, being with Him lightens her weariness and brings forth hope. when harsh words wound her soul, He is her shelter. she accepts His will. She embraces her salvation, His gift to her, with a humbled heart.

the story of her life is her lasting prayer. her body narrates her many journeys through the battle fields. her skin knows many colors and is the painted canvas of her experiences. she is the never-ending page sharing the tale of salvation through Him and Him only. she is the lyrical voice of compassion. her words are soft-spoken language blooming from ancient philosophy. her appearances contradict her peers of how she ought to be. yet, her soul mirrors the quest they strive to pursue. her faith radiates, her body is the reflection of her soul.

she is salvation, she is LOVE!

note: i wrote this a while back...made a few changes, but it's still a work in progress

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YaYa's Funhouse said...

K, truly your calling is the written words spoken from your heart. You are a blessing to me.
Love ya. B

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