foko-madagascar: "it takes a village to raise an idea"

what most people associate with madagascar is cute lemurs, vanilla, baobab-the upside down tree, ect...and then of course the movie! it's no longer a surprise to encounter someone who is quick with the response: "madagascar? just like the movie?"

so yes, madagascar! just like the movie!(which has a sequel in production, HA!)
but if you really want to know, and if you are really curious about how people from madagascar live their daily lives, then check out this site:
and how true is their motto that "it takes a village to raise a idea"
they are working on helping malagasy people publish their own blogs so they could become part of a global conversation. a conversation, where sharing bits and pieces of their lives allow the world at large to understand and be informed with the reality facing countries like madagascar. there you could find incredible stories where it takes on person to make a huge difference in an otherwise easily forgotten person
. it's also a place where you might find the explanation on how madagascar went from being "the green island" to "the red island".

madagascar is a country of beautiful and resourceful people.
it's a place filled with ecological wonders like the lemurs and the enumerable species of orchids that are now slowly becoming part of cancer researches and advancements in medicine but it's also a place where poverty is an acute part of life.
the beautiful thing is that even in poverty, its citizens still are forever smiling, friendly and very welcoming. i've met many people who visited the country and whose long lasting memory is always the friendliness of the malagasy people.

even though madagascar might count as one of the largest islands in the world (standing in 4th place), it is a small village! but a village fueled with the tenacity of its people, who have encountered enumerable obstacles. a village where resourcefulness and quick wit allows its people to strive and to survive in our forever demanding world.

i could go on but if you wanna know more, check out foko-madagascar and become a part of a global conversation!

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