the calm before the storm-Gustav is coming!

it's incredibly still outside. no leaves rustling, no breeze.
the trees are standing so still as if they are standing guard, waiting, ready!
and the air is just that too, STILL!
it's eery and scary. almost foretelling of what's to come.
like a silent alarm for the disaster waiting to happen.
as Gustav is getting stronger, it only makes the of state the elements
right now more frightening.
i vividly remember the chaotic mess with Katrina.
no lights, no water, gas lines miles long.
people's emotions riding high, while debris, rooftops, tree branches
and what nots where covering the streets with broken power lines
and knee deep water.

on a lighter note, Cindy forwarded this text message to me:

"have ur shit packed...Katrina's old-man just found out about
her love affair with Rita and that bastard is on his way!"

a little humor goes a long way!


lova said...

Stay safe out there. And that was a great text message.

YaYa's Funhouse said...

maybe they will kiss and make-up before he arrives!!

kristina said...

well it looks like Hanna is getting in the mix too, so it's complicated!

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