3 years since Hurricane Katrina..are we ready for another round?

photos were taken by awesome MS photog: josh hailey

this week is laden with anniversaries:
- Aug. 26th 1920: 88th anniversary of women's right to vote
- Aug. 28th 1963: 44th anniversary of Dr. King's "I have a dream" speech
- Aug. 29th 2005: 3rd anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

the first two are riding high in ranks amongst the talking points of politicians.
but i hope that as as they continue their travels through the country this week, and the coming week, they won't forget the most important one of those three history changing events. KATRINA!
a new foe, Gustav, is knocking hard as people are barely making progress in rebuilding their lives.
today, gas lines have started to form. unleaded gas is unavailable on the coast and prices have risen from 3 to 10 cents a gallon almost overnight. the walmart in Brookhaven ran out of bottled water! hotels are booked up from the coast to memphis! folks are getting antsy, angry, scared, confused. a state of emergency for MS has been declared on thursday, while Obama was making his acceptance speech. interstates in LA and MS are on standby to turn into North bound lanes only.
it feels as if somehow you're living a completely separate life from the rest of country. as many are still dissecting the democratic convention and making predictions about the republican one,
there are some less unfortunate souls who are struggling with plans to leave everything behind. again. some are fighting the doubts about trusting again, with minds crowded with questions like "will it be different this time?" "will help come sooner?" "will my house still be there when i come back?" "will my family get separated?" "will my children be safe?"all these thoughts pressing harder and harder as tuesday is drawing near and forecasts are predicting the worst.

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Amanda said...

still praying and thinking of you... i just know you're okay but i'm so eager to hear!! xoxo amanda

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