i planned to come back but got a slow start...

found some lovely notebooks at fondren traders; my favorite has this quote: 'she decided to free herself, dance into the wind, create a new language. and birds fluttered around her, writing "yes" in the sky'
the past few months have been busy, busy, busy...been working on a lot of patterns, trying and testing them out. finally getting to the point where i could have a large inventory on mihanta.etsy
i'm so happy to get some creative juice back, it went missing for a while there.
another good news is, some of my little goodies will be available at a physical store in fondren, which is a huge plus!!!


jogany said...

congrattttsss for you etsy shop
I will be looking forward to buy/help you sell more of your amazing stuffs
can't wait to hear more from you and you NYer life

Take care,
Joan from FOKO (and accidentally www.purplecorner.com)

kristina said...

thanks for the support.
btw, i don't live in NYC, i just went to visit a friend there, the NYC references are because i want to move there aka "the place i wish to belong!"

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