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Hello Friends,

I've been away for sometime and excited to be back with a new installment of inside the artist's studio. This week, I'd like to introduce you to yet another great jewelry maker: Studio 618.


Who is Studio618?
Studio 618 is the name of my jewelry and architecture design business. 618 is actually my house number, and that's where I create my micro and macro scaled art.

What inspires you?
My inspirations are quite varied. They can be simple geometric shapes or organic forms. Sometimes, certain techniques can take the center stage in my jewelry making. Other times, my brain starts churning by a good quote, a soda can, a textile pattern, or an abstract idea.


When did you start designing jewelry?

I was already designing as an architect when I discovered jewelry making. As an architect, I am bound by so many factors like codes, regulations, budget, schedule, functional needs of the occupants, and lots more that are beyond my control. I don't get to build the buildings I design since that would be a tremendous liability issue and is highly discouraged by liability insurance companies. So one of the reasons I like jewelry-making is that I get to actually make the pieces myself, from start to finish. I enjoy the totally control and the total process.
I started seed beading in 2005, and then quickly switched to silver wire work. Now I prefer fabricating each jewelry piece using sheet and wire materials. The architecture background does help me visualize the finished jewelry.


Where? Training wise

I received my Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from UC Berkeley. Since 2007,
I've been taking metalsmithing classes at Revere Academy in San Francisco.


How does one acquire one of your creations?
I spread my jewelry between two online stores - Etsy and Artfire. Be sure to check out both sites because I post different collections at each store. I also participate in local art fairs throughout the year. I do a good amount of custom orders and find them very enjoyable. A happy and satisfied client brings smiles to me and keeps me going.

Be sure to visit Theresa on her: blog, etsy, artfire, twitter, facebook, flickr, email



Studio618 said...

Thank you Kristina for the exposure. I am forever grateful. Sending Hugs!

kristina said...

You're welcome :) - you know I absolutely love your rings

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