inside the artist's studio: apple & eve

Who is "apple & eve"?

My name is Eva. Many people put Eva and Adam together so, to prevent that I chose Apple as my "partner". And Eve, because to English speaking world it is equivalent of Eva.

What inspires you?

The most important influence comes from nature. Every time I go out (for a walk or to grocery shop etc) I look at flowers and grass growing by the side of the street. I look at how the lines and curves are "drawn", I look at how the leaves are attached to the stems and whether it is characteristic for a certain plant. I also admire the color combination - hues of green and gray and brown can be so amazing!

apple and eve studio

When did you start designing toys and embroidery patterns?
3 years ago - around 2006. I wanted to make a special toy for my little son, who wasn't born yet. So I made a simple bunny from white cotton, bought 3 or 4 skeins of embroidery thread and embroidered simple Swirls onto it. I did 3 Bunnies first and they looked adorable. I had just discovered etsy around the same time and I thought it would be fun to see whether other people like these funny toys too. They did :)

apple & eve

Where? Training wise
All my sewing and embroidery skills come from school, where from 4th degree, all handiwork media was obligatory .

apple & eve

How does one acquire one of your creations?
I can still be found in Etsy, but there are several other shops who carry my work. Craftsbury Kids and Magpie Lovely for example. I love it when people contact me asking for a special bunny or a hedgehog for their beloved one. I have made toys for everyone - from newborn babies to grandmoms :)

apple & eve
Visit Eva here: blog, etsy, flickr, and twitter


Made by SwirlyGirl said...

I LOVE her work! Thanks for introducing me to her in a wonderful feature!

Eva said...

thank you for inviting me :) It's been my pleasure to participate in your feature!

A Beaded Affair said...

Wonderful! I particularly like your swans. Hubby has a thing about swans. We have one in the lake near here and I could watch him all day.

kristina said...

laurie: i DO too :) - they are precious darlings
eva: you're welcome :)
lois: the bunnies are my favorites and i think swans are very elegant :) said...

I treasure my birds and bunnies from Apple & Eve as family heirlooms. They are full of love, light and purity!

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