inside the artist's studio: yellowgoat


Yellowgoat is me, it's my Chinese name translated by Cantonese pronunciation. My name really means "King of the ocean" haha ...
My English name is Petula.

What inspires you?

Lots of things inspire me, nature, childhood, fun memories, a conversation, human behaviors, vintage, objects...pretty much everything. Keeping a blog does help me and force me to read and search for good design, pretty things everyday, and it always push me to think more when I read about other creative things.
"The core emotion I want to achieve is happiness."
Making jewelry and sending them out makes me really happy and when I get the feedback from the customers that they love it and wear it right the way, always makes my day.


When did you start designing?
After I get married, I kind of stumbled on to it. My husband knows I like fun jewelry and accessories, I wasn't quite sure what to do at the time career wise. He said I should use the time to learn something and jewelry seems like a hobby I can pick up and be really interested in doing...that's how I started.


Where? Training wise
I am not formally trained as a jewelry designer, or a designer per se. I have a business degree and an Art degree. I used to work in the creative industry. It's funny I was always told by the creatives in the Ad agency that I am a really good scheduler since I was the TV Producer who dealt with schedule and planning mostly. I know I have a creative side, and it was never really encouraged by my parents (Chinese parents are into academic achievements only), and it got totally squashed when I started working for a job, but after I started making jewelry, I just realized the creative side of me is just hiding somewhere, all I need is just the right outlet and a loving person who's always very encouraging and giving me constructive criticism.


How does one find your designs?
I am currently selling on Etsy, but I am planning to have over venues both online and offline. Hopefully soon. I do accept custom orders and I did quite a number of them already. For custom orders, just send me an email. I am happy to make adjustment to my pieces or design something entirely new.

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thebeaddreamer said...

What a beautiful article about this jewelry designer. I design jewelry as well and love looking at how beautifully her tools are stored. I can relate to the parents wanting you to do the academic thing - mine had that mindset as well. But, I guess the creative spirit in us is something that comes out no matter what. The jewelry is gorgeous as well.

Kate8085 said...

Amazing seller!
Her work is gorgeous!

baddies2 said...

Yellowgoat's jewellery is amazing and really inspiring.

kristina said...

yes! they so gorgeous and darling :)

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