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Hello Dearies,

I'd like you to meet Ashley Cheeks aka itsokmydear . Ashley is originally from Jackson, MS. She now lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband - Seth and their kitty - Tracy.
When I first met Ashley, her outfit made me think of vintage fashion plates.
The girl has a great sense of style. And her designs bring to mind the same images.
They are quaint yet draws your imagination to some thrilling adventures, lending an air of mystery to the person wearing them.
has darts and cutouts architectural detail that are complimented with laces and petticoats giving the garments a touch of whimsy.
Everything is handmade by Ashley at her Williamsburg studio (246 Grand Street) from drapping, pattern making, cutting, sewing to the tiniest details in her clothing tags.

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flickr set available here


Mary Anne Gruen said...

She does wonderful work! I send her a hey from Queens! Unfortunately for me her styles are way young for the likes of me. My mini days ended 30 years ago. LOL But if I was younger...

kristina said...

yes, she does :)

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