confessions of a fabric-a-holic

today, i decided to celebrate my love affair/addiction with fabrics.

how does your garden grow tote - pouch
lemony cupcake bib (limited edition) - rikrak
yellow chrysanthemum flower pin - Marang97
your own bunch of flowers - lapomme
these lovelies are from fellow ecoetsy members.
if you'd like to find more, search: teamecoetsy, fabrics

you see, i AM a self proclaimed
fabric-a-holic !
heather bailey, amy butler, denyse schmidt, vintage and up-cycled.
you name it, i love them all!
i love the colors, prints, textures, really everything about fabrics!
if i could i would have a warehouse full.
i know, i'm not alone. you know who you are!
yes, you! who can't resist but pick up a yard of this and yard of that
when coming into a fabric store.
because you just never know when a print or a color might come in handy!
after all, you are building your stash!!
there has been many times when i wanted to create
an FAA aka: fabric-A-holic's anonymous.
where fellow fabric addicts could find support and share the latest finds.
only, it wouldn't really be anonymous!
i say:
don't hide it! be proud of your love!
it's a harmless one! except maybe for the bank account ;)



pouch said...

my name is nicola and I am a fabric-addict!
I think I may need to join fabric-A-holic's anonymous, let me know if you set up a group :)
many thanks for featuring a Pouch tote

kristina said...

thanks nicola! here's the group:

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