How To Create A Custom Twitter Background part 1

This week's How To Tuesday is brought to you by Jen Kiaba of Jen Kiaba Photography.

"My grandfather gave me my first camera when I was fourteen and about to embark on my first cross country trip.
It was a simple point and shoot Pentax that gave me little control other than composition – often time this left me filled with frustration that the final image had little to do with my initial vision.
With my photographs I aim to explore the realms of the unconscious. I have always been fascinated with dreams, memory, fairy tales and the gray areas where all three blend and blur.
My images are generally inspired by recollections of these.
Often I find that my work takes me on roads that explore the romantic and sometimes desolate landscape of perceived reality.
Sometimes the journey is into a past full of half faded memories."

How To Tuesday is a collaboration between washwhendirty and jenkiabaphotography.
Jen and I would love to extend the invitation to any interested handmade/indie designers and artists who would like to share a little bit about what it is that you do.
If you are interested, please email me at: or send me a DM on twitter: @washwhendirty

Thank You,

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