revisiting ... and mother's day sale at washwhendirty.etsy

i made this list way back in december. i've been doing a purging of sorts so i decided to revisit and make some edits. life has changed a lot since i posted that list. i'm enjoying a cleaner, less stressful yet productive easy going life these days :)

1. learning japanese: took a break from this little adventure. it's hard! really hard! and other fun things came along.
2. learning spanish: actually understood a quarter of a convo with someone who doesn't speak english last week. they had to speak very slowly though. mas despacio por favor! mas despacio!
3. swear off diet coke: H2O baby! H2O! and OJ too
4. re-read some of the classics: didn't get a chance to yet. been reading about 'green' living amongst other things. plus i needed to buckle down on vocab building.
5. learn more vocabulary and write more so i can write better: vocab has been a friend since january! writing skills improved? not sure about that part yet, but i'm excited to be one of the contributors for "the green scene" at momfuse.
6. finally learn about medium format photography. i have a vintage tlr that's just lovely: haven't had time to play with my little treasure, yet. but someone inspired me to pick up my dig camera and take some pics again. it's been fun!

new tidbits:
7. found a cause close to my heart, please visit: Where is Razily? and sign the petition.
8. still learning to quilt, getting better but there are tons of room for improvement. will soon be adding some quilts to washwhendirty.etsy.
9. found a way to balance what i love and all the other important life stuff.
10. joined the twitter revolution and learning how to use it for marketing and outreach projects.

... to be continued

And here is a little plug in for washwhendirty.etsy: Mother's Day Sale - come along to check it out! "GREEN" gift for mom :)

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