feedback please :)

just added the read more code to my posts.
in your opinion, which is better:
A: having the whole post displayed in its entirety
B: shortened version with thumbnail and read more
would love to hear your thoughts :)
thank you!
xoxo, kristina


Sheree said...

I like to see the entire post. Pop up windows are not a fav of mine and I will typically close it and move on. :-)

Jennifer said...

I agree, I like to see the entire post at once.

kristina said...

Thank you! I was thinking about going back to the other way too...because with the short post it just kinda looks crowded...and I'm with you on the not liking pop up windows...I saw it on a few sites and thought I'd give it a try but I don't think it's really for me either :)

Thank you!

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