earth day : april 22nd

april 22nd 2009 will be the start of Earth Day Network’s Green GenerationTM campaign . it's a 2 year initiative that will lead to the 40th anniversary of earth day in april 2010. a community building initiative that includes regular people pursuing personal and collective projects that strive to find solutions to national and global issues related to climate change, world water crisis, sustainable economical solutions ... that are both human conscious and earth conscious.

flower"The Green GenerationTM is open to everyone: people of all ages and all nationalities, consumers who are committed to buying green; community leaders who are focused on greening their communities; parents and teachers who work to provide healthy foods and green schools for their children; those who work in green jobs; academics whose research is focused on innovative products and services; scientists and engineers who develop new green technologies; and governments that seek to implement policies and support research that will build a green economy and healthy population, and the religious community who are committed to a vision of a just, sustainable, green planet. Corporations will play a key leadership role in the Green Generation campaign, particularly those that recognize that their future success is tied to sustainable products and socially just endeavors." source: The Green GenerationTM

we are living in a fast changing world, where concerns about preservation and consumer waste reduction blur borders and national boundaries. "green" issues are global problems that need global answers and solutions.we are at the birth of a new era, where preserving the Earth is a personal, corporate, and governmental responsibility."green" progress will be one of the hallmark of the 21st century. so don't lag behind the times, and move forward to work toward a better future for the next generation.

visit for more info on ways to get involved.

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