2009 not-to-do list

with a new year always comes the expected sets of resolutions that results in a new year to-do list. and if you are a list maker like myself, those to-do lists sometimes look scary and become a complex entity that will later down the line implement some sort of guilt or a sense of lack of accomplishment.

so why not give yourself an alternative? another way to possibly help gear up the new year with a different sort of promise to yourself. aka: this year i will NOT... meaning a not-to-do list.
so to start off, here is mine:

i will NOT:
- over commit and over extend myself
- increase my carbon footprint by NOT going for "drives" to clear my head, by turning the lights when i leave the room and other ways to cut back on my daily consumption
- worry about where i will be in 5, 10 years and project some sort of extended life plan
- spend money needlessly.

i'm sure there are many other things i ought not to do but those are what comes to mind right this second. so let's see what YOU got!


kim* said...

ooh yes great list! i like to will not list idea.

Katherine said...

great ideas! I think I may follow them as well!

Beth said...

Excellent! I like your list.

elleabelle said...

I think I like this kind of list better!!

Jewelry Elegance by jill said...

Wonderful, thought provoking list!

Amanda said...

Love the I WILL NOT resolutions. One of mine was I WILL NOT Buy any more earrings...LOL...I bought SOOOO many off etsy last year. Also the lights is a good one too. if we all did that we might be on to something!!!


Kaytee said...

Well, I don't go on drives unless I need to get somewhere, and I've already given up worrying about 5- 10- and longer-year plans, but the rest of your list certainly are things I need to work on!

I do need to commit more time to my Etsy shop though....


Anna Lee H. in Toronto said...

Kristina, I hear ya on your number 1 and have taken a 'just say no' pledge! I'll be concentrating on 30day stints of positive vibes only. No negative thinking throughout those trials. This may mean pulling out of meaningless efforts that sap my energies. Hang in there luv! and just keep on doing what you do best :)

Jamie said...

Love it! I really should make a not-to-do list, and you've given me some great ideas!

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kristina said...

yummy everybody! can't wait to see more of what would be on yours =)

Julie said...

What a great list! I may adopt some of these.

nina kuriloff said...

that's a very good list!
great going.

Dani said...

So much more productive, a "not to do list"~!!!!! I would have on mine "I will not forget that I have a very loving, supportive family rooting for me all of the time and that they deserve more time from me".

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