updated list

i made this list 2 weeks ago, and i've been slowly progressing through it.

1. finish cool scarves (done and sold them to friends, they didn't even make it to etsy!)
2. list some new bags, pics finally ready (sold them at a local market; and a couple to some of my friends, so i guess now i still need to make stuff to update my store; good news but involves more work!)
3. alchemy deadline catch up! (thank God! i'm caught up! happy to be breathing easy again)
4. thinking about changing things around a bit around here =) (still thinking about it, i can't really come to a definite decision on what direction i'd like to take for this site with the new year right around the corner; i know i want the look to change a bit-although i'm keeping the general color and feel of it since my tags match the banner, i don't want to deviate from it too much. i'm just debating on what other additional components would be added)
5. decided to open a supply store that will have some wicked awesome fabrics and other lovelies
so clearing the details for that (opted against this in the end. if i'm struggling up keeping my current store, adding another one would be more committment on my part that i just don't think i have to offer right now. so we'll see, a fabric store on etsy would be fabulous but not right this minute)

if you are still in the middle of some holiday shopping, visit my etsy for some cool bags!
they are 40% OFF their listing price. convo me if you want one, and i will discount your item before you check out .


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Marichelle said...

I'm such a list maker - can't seem to do anything unless it's on a list! So good to hear that you've been selling some stuff - aren't friends the best??!? Have a great weekend@

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