it's all good!

minor hiccup earlier! well it actually felt like a major one but now that it's all fixed, it's no biggie.
so earlier, i wanted to change up the looks a little and possibly move my blog onto blogger's server. sounds elementary but somewhere in all the steps i managed to delete it!! so when you get to my site, it had an ugly "page not found" note on there. distraught didn't even cover how i felt!
but now it's back! took a few searching around and digging through some old files to restore it.
so i won't be fooling with anything web publishing related for a while for sure because apparently it doesn't take me much to make a major ohoh!

k, feeling much better!


TeriB said...

Oh, have I had similar problems. My hard drive CRASHED, and I lost lots and lots of files. Even working in the computer department, I didn't have it backed up like I should have and lost tons of work, pictures, a start on my tax information, documents and research! At least you did find all your data. Teri

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