eerie and inviting

photo from damaged.etsy

1. learning japanese (it would have come in handy today!)
2. learning spanish (rapidly becoming an important skill!)
3. swear off diet coke (already making progresses, and would love for the new year to be a clean slate)
more additions:
4. re-read some of the classics: i miss elizabeth bennett and mr. darcy! i even miss heathcliff and catherine!
5. learn more vocabulary and write more so i can write better. i read some of my old papers this weekend and i realized that i have a very juvenile way of writing, so there are tons of room for improvement. i'm not aspiring to be shakespeare but i want my sentences to become more coherent and more structured.

6. finally learn about medium format photography. i have a vintage tlr that's just lovely, but i really haven't played with it much. may be this coming year i'll get to take him(yes, it's a he! his name is mr. oldie) to some fabulous location and he and i will take some great pics.

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Perfectly Twisted said...

I love this Image Kristina. Your blog is wonderful and thanks for visiting me too! ;) I saw you :)
Hugs and have a wonderful day... I so love learning things and you inspire me with your multi.lingo learning! I'm working on the same but in a very informal way. I think I love language and want to learn as many as I can. Not bad for starting so late... I'll wish us both luck and maybe one day, we can Spanish or Japanese or Greek or something together. :)

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