apparently i'm a princess living a commoner's life!

yesterday, i ran into this lady that i went to a function with, several years back.
i haven't seen her in years and honestly i forgot who she was. i only met her once while working on an assignment for one of the local papers. a friend introduced us at barnes and noble (you all know you do meet random people at the bookstore) she was (is) really nice, a bit unusual and from our last encounter totally coucou! she's decided to take up quilting (i ran into her at the fabric store)...and was literally kinda dancing around the store wanting to buy the store quilt samples, and just about every random bits of fabrics that she ran into (and apparently a week ago, she sang to the fabrics for about an hour while browsing). she told everybody (more like nobody in particular) that she's never quilted before and yet she picked up the most difficult, challenging patterns as she kept on saying that it's been years since she even used a sewing machine! don't get me wrong, i think it's lovely that people want to challenge themselves and just because you are a beginner doesn't mean you can't tackle challenging projects. in this case though, it was funny but not really funny at the same time. so anyway, she suddenly turns around and goes "i know you! you're kristina!" and i must have had a look on my face because she then preceded on explaining in about a million sentences how we knew each other. needless to say, everybody in the store at this point is staring!! and i certainly wanted to crawl about 100 feet under the cutting table and become invisible!

but why am i really telling you this?

well, she informed me that she always wondered about how a "princess" could be so humble and lead such a non assuming life. and at this point, i'm really thinking "wtf" (excuse my french!)...she then precedes to asking me about my parents (who she's never met or knows anything about!) and how are they doing, in Palm Beach!? (i'm pretty sure my parents have never been to Palm Beach!!)
she continues on to say, "are they doing well? did they finally settle on a house?! is it by the water?!" and "i really don't understand what would a princess (that again!!) be doing here when you could have everything where your parents are...but i guess i understand wanting to be independent"


if you are confused! don't feel bad, i was beyond confused! the funny thing was though, she seemed to know exactly who i was because she was talking about specific things that happened during the function we went she couldn't have mistaken me for someone else right?! Geez..come to think of it, I DON'T KNOW!
but i'm sure as you already know, yours truly is not a "princess" and my parents don't live in a mansion on the water in Palm Beach!

and even though, i wish for a cinderalla story and hope for a sweet pumpkin ride and dance at a ball where only princesses are allowed...last thing i checked my fairy godmother hasn't visited for quit a fabric scraps are still my most treasured possession and not a shiny pair of glass shoes =)

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studio618 said...

Ahhh, our eSMArts team has been graced by a princess... Heeheehee!

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