wash when dirty and foko-madagascar

many wonderful progress is taking place and i'm so excited to let you all know that washwhendirty is now a proud partner of foko-madagascar!
starting today, a portion of every sales on bags from my etsy store will be going to foko-madagascar
i'm really pumped about this because these guys are doing wonderful things in opening up a global conversation amongst bloggers between people from all walks of life. and they are highlighting the every day life of many people in madagascar and giving madagascar a different introduction than the place where lemurs reside (though they are cute...madagascar offers so much more)
so please help me make a contribution to this wonderful cause!

thank you and visit foko-madagascar for more info on what's cooking over there and don't forget to stop by washwhendirty so we can all help support this project and become part of a new adventure!

live, love and learn,

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