organic lavender sachet giveaway--new on my etsy

these little lovelies are perfect as a gift to self or a gift to lovely friends. they are perfect as christmas stocking stuffer if you are starting your christmas shopping early :). they are generoulsy filled with about 1 cup of organic french lavender, smell lovely and look pretty too!
use your sachets for drawers, cars, gym bags, fragrant decoration in bedroom or bathroom, set them by your pillow at night for a calming fragrant lullaby or toss them in the dryer as an eco-friendly alternative to your dryer sheets giving your clothes a sweet soothing scent!

on another note, i've been seeking confirmation a lot lately . you know how our little friend 'mr. doubt' sometimes manage to creap up and just crowd your mind with useless questions? well, he's been visiting me a lot over the past month. you see, i wasn't expecting to make a million dollars during my first month on etsy, but i did hope to actually sell some of my purses much easier than it's been. washwhendirty.etsy has been open since june 09th, i've only made a handful of sells since then. the feedback i've gotten from fellow etsyans have been positive, there has also been some great constructive criticisms. but, somehow in the middle of the excitement over the past couple of months: making new friends online, visiting awesome blogs, getting little notes on etsy about my bags and many other little wonderful moments, 'mr. doubt' keeps on knocking and weakens my resolve. so when i received the most wonderful news ever this week, i couldn't really seat still for a while! i was so excited about it, i still have to pinch myself sometimes when i think about it. i can't give you any details yet, because everything is still in the works, but i can tell you this: when i was feeling low, and actively wishing for some form of confirmation that i am doing the right thing, this surprise landed on my lap like a ton of bricks! it was hard to ignore! made my day. no! it IS making my week! i'm living in a very rose colored glazed room right now! and i don't want to come out. so hang tight and i will let you know ASAP when my next adventure starts and hope you will come ride along!

to celebrate, i will give away one of my little organic lavender sachet to a random reader on sunday. all you have to do is leave a message on this post by saturday (9/13) night , answer the question below and i will randomly pick the lucky winner sunday.

"what is your favorite handmade item that you own? or what handmade gift/item would you like to get?"


blueviolet@A Nut in a Nutshell said...

It's actually something I made as a child. I made a crochet angel doorhanger which I gave to my mom and dad and I love it more than any other handmade item I've made or purchased. I don't get to have it at my house but I love it just the same.

bookworm said...

I would like to receive a handmade quilt from my mother. She sews so much, I keep thinking she'll make quilts for all us kids. Perhaps I should put a bug in her ear?

YaYa's Funhouse said... never cease to amaze me...duh...and you have soooo peaked my curiosity. Whatever it is, I know you will do amazing things. That is just who you are.

As for the question, I would have to say it is a baby quilt my mom and grandmother made from dutch doll appliques.

Love ya.....B.

Amanda said...

oooh dont enter me in the contest because i want someone else to see how AMAZING your work is (im just a nice friend, i might hate myself for that later hahaha just kidding) k seriously.... but how cute are those? love them! :)

hmmm fave handmade item i have? and what id like to get? well if someone close to me made it, i like anything even especially like quilts and things that stay around a long time (sorry, ugly knitted sweaters by nana... not so much). but like on etsy? bags!! YOUR bags! anything really well made umm, i like textured art, anything you can tell the person put their heart and soul into it. otherwise i can go buy it at the mall, you know? and stuff that just looks pretty. jewelry, things that have a cute little note that says THANKS in it, whatev...

sorry im rambling. you know me, im crafty so i like it all, i should have just said that. :)

i owe you 2 emails.... i have NOT forgotten about you.... they're coming, havent been home all day, etc. lol

quitecontrary1977 said...

i would like to a own a handmade lavender sachet.hint hint.

dolls123 said...

A quilt my late grandma made

crystal said...

I know that when i receive my blanket that my cousin is making,that i will treasure it forever. It has pieces of fabric from my grandmas favotite dresses:)

Kim said...

Your things are amazing and glad to hear you're doing better. As creators we all seem to question our creations at times.

My favorite handmade item is a painting my friend gave me. I think of our friendship and smile every time I look at it. Hmmm what handmade item would I like to get?
Why an organic lavender sachet!

Truly I cherish anything I am given especially if they have created it with their own hands.

Heather said...

My fav. handmade item I own is my Soy Whipped Body Butter. What would I like to get? Your lavender sachet! :)


Maz Little World said...

I have two favorites and could never choose between them! One is a queen sized, southwestern motif quilt, designed and machine & hand quilted by my mother for my 40th birthday; the other is a two-sided poster of my 3-month old granddaughter's hand & foot prints - I cherish them both!

Bookworm: maybe I should hook you up with my mom, she's run out of relatives to quilt for or maybe Kristina's next giveaway will be one of her fabulous handmade quilts!!

Janet P. said...

A handmade gift I would like to get is the lavender sachet! I love the scent of lavender.

And my favorite handmade gifts are the ones that my kids have made for me (macaroni shell picture frame, etc.).

Teal Chic said...

I love all handmade things. If somebody takes the time and effort to make something with their own hands than it's definitely worth it! :) My favorite handmade thing is a wall hanging my mom made me after I was born, that has my name on it and my date of birth!

RockLove said...

Hi there! Beautiful work and nice to meet you in the chats.

My favorite handmade item? Hmm... I guess it is my and my fiance's engagement rings. He designed mine and had another artist make it by hand for me and I made his own by hand myself :)

Mmm... lavender sachet's are wonderful! You can also nuke them briefly in the microwave and apply them to your shoulders, a crampy muscle, or put them by your feet under the cold winter covers!


ihchicky said...

I'd love to recieve a handmade knitted or crochetted blanket. Or, an apron. Either would be wonderful.

Thanks for the chance! :)

CanCan said...

My favorite handmade item that I own is a baby quilt with nice brown colors, very earthy and not pastely.

I would love a handmade gift of an apron, or a "crayon cozy" (for my kids). I'm also really smitten with fabric toy food, sewn, felted, crochet, or knitted, it's all good to me!

onlycancan at hotmail dot com

angela said...

I love everything that is handmade, but now what I prefer is all the stuff that my baby girl is doint, collage, drawings, songs, everything!

HerAnatomy said...

I love EVERYTHING handmade that I own. I love the fact that someone spent their time and energy on that one piece to be original.
I love your sachets...I love the fabric you use!!
Thanks =D

Heather said...

YAY!!! I'm so pumped I won these!!! Thanks so much & I'm emailing you now! :)

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