industrial loneliness

strangers passed me
on their way to something lovely
a date maybe? or just lunch with friends
i was happy and proud
standing tall, feeling strong
my leaves danced
and my heart sang
i felt alive when the sun gazed at me
and excited when the new moon visited
i smiled a lot in our harmony
nothing were ever going to separate us
destroy us...
my place in the world, i took for granted
until the day they came
and took my friends away
made the sun dim
blocked the wind
shielded the moon
they were tall and gray
they loomed over me
overpowering my strength
with their steel cage
and concrete frame
my heart hardened
as i squinted through tears
desperate to gaze at the sun
and amidst their screeching noises
my secret wish soared to the sky, quietly
longing for a sign of life
but even the rain became cold
fierce and angry
now, i linger a little while longer
and longer in my dream like state
seating still,
waiting for the time
when birds will nest again,
when the sun might remember me
and the moon will forgive me
my only comforts these days
are the soft touches of the grass below
they share my sadness, my loneliness
my limbs creak
at the tiniest breeze
yearning to dance
with nature's song
i often wonder: why me?
how do i find myself again?
in the middle of these steely, harsh strangers
they find me peculiar and odd
and i find them frightening and obscure
so now i wait with an eternal hope
for a new spring, a new song, a new dance

(picture coming soon)

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