i stole this...

picture from a friend on facebook. couldn't resist because it's just so incredibly beautiful! he had several shots of some desolate, deserted landscapes that were taken in Iceland. and they all looked so majestic and powerful somehow. when i saw them, it gave me this weird comforting feeling that even though there are times when life seems so unpredictable, unruly and completely out of control and you might feel like you are standing alone in the midst of a vast deserted landscape, in the middle of nowhere somewhere, someone is out there watching out for you! i love this picture because the shots before it were echoing being alone, feeling alone and then this came up! to me it's like a soothing promise that after rocks and emptiness there is warmth to come, a warmth that brings forth a promise. and even though i'm not sure yet what that promise will be, i know it will be great and after sometime all the tingling absurd questions and uncertainty i've been feeling for sometime now will soon all become clear! i know the next chapter will also be an incredible adventure like the ones before it!

so yes, i swiped a picture but isn't it incredible?!

ohhh...and on another note, facebook gave me another cool surprise today, my friend kimberly's blog!

to tell you the truth, i've never been a facebook fan! because it's so impersonal yet somehow intrusive! it's a surreal world where some people feel strangely close even if they are just acquaintances in real life. i'm not going to lie, it's a good marketing tool =), and i also love the convenience of sharing pics with friends and writing quick notes to someone in passing. but in general it's something that makes me wary because i've had a few encounters where someone acted as if we were the truest and dearest friends on facebook and yet we could barely say a sentence or two to each other at the Kroger check out line! so you tell me, maybe i'm just odd...but that wouldn't be surprising ;)

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