empty walls...who likes empty walls?

some of my favorites from cheap tricks on dominomag.com

I created a wall of graphic, yet ladylike, art with just a quart of black paint. The silhouettes were printed on full-sheet labels and then the black squares were painted around them before removing the labels. The shapes could be changed to suit another room (fruit and vegetable shapes for a kitchen, etc).—Ashley from New York, NY

My cheap beachy-chic trick is that I used towels to decorate. I bought bright-striped towels from Target for less than 10 bucks, and then (1) covered the ugly chair cushions on the cool bamboo chair in the living room (that I found at a yard sale for $8) and (2) I staple-gunned a towel onto a blank canvas (maybe 5'x2') from Pearl Paint to make towel-art, which I think looks pretty rad against the 70s wood-paneled walls.—Amy from Venice, CA

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