early morning excitement...

woke up to a loud bang that sounded like a bomb dropped somewhere, and with it went the electricity. so took shower, gingerly went to grocery store then planed on getting gas because of paranoid scenario of endless lines at gas station.
well, that would have been too easy right?
the moment i walked into the store, their electricity went out! so had to hang out in the dark, while they locked the doors and waited on the generator to come back in, so we could check out. that little adventure got taken care of, got some gas, went to work early since they have electricity there and didn't feel like staying in a dark and hot (no air) apt. was greeted with "you left your phone at the grocery store!". got back in the car, still storming and really windy outside, the kind of weather that you just really want to be curled up in bed and forget about the elements. once back at the grocery store, was a bit embarrassed when the customer service girl recognized me from our early morning run in.
finally got the phone back, headed back to work for "shelter", was several hours early!
settled down and hoped for heart to stop racing so much.

and i must say all of this occurred before 7 AM!!!

thank you fay! so needed a wake up call today! NOT!

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