side note on where all this came from...

when i was little, i loved to doodle and draw. my mom used to make our clothes, and many other things too such as bag packs...ect. i learned how to sew, kinda of play with her machine and watch her very early on, then she taught me how to knit and crochet too. i've always thought it was cool that you can create and produce beautiful things with your hands. although i was not really quite confident in the things i made for sometime, my head just kept on feeling up with ideas and more ideas.

in college, i developed a good eye for colors, shapes and forms, and fell in love with modern minimalistic designs. i also learned to see the missing pieces in outfits, and how to make simple black pants, with generic black shirt look great with the right accessories and pop of colors in your flats, your purse and some funky vintage earrings!

another thing i learned is that you don't have to be matchy-matchy, because colors work beautifully together in many combinations. although, i just kind of kept all this inside, with the occasional creative bursts here and there. i didn't really want to be an artsy girl in college, i wanted to be taken seriously and thought being artsy was not really the way to i tried to shut it off.
some of my friends encouraged me to do more, so i would make a scarf or a bag here and there, designed some t-shirts for a few people but kept my sketchbooks well hidden under my bed, and away from prying eyes.

then one day i was surprised that a store owner in a really hip part of town wanted to carry my scarves in her shop. my friend Amy was with me that day when i was seating on the steps outside of the building still flabbergasted.
i found out about etsy, and decided to open a store there where i would sell some scarves and some cool vintage accessories. i sold a few things, but i didn't really pursue it because i was still not quite sure about this whole thing.

fast forward to this summer! i fell in love with fabrics again, and got a sudden surge of energy to create and create and create. pattern ideas and color schemes kept on popping in my head all the time, and i seemed to be unable to control them.
it was as if God has given me a whisper: "here is your gift, follow it". and i found this cool verse in Proverbs 31, it says "the virtuous woman looks for wool and flax, works with her hands in delight, makes coverings for herself and her household, and her lamp does not go out at night" well there has been many nights this summer when my living room light stayed on even as the sun was coming up =)!
so i got my thoughts gathered and started to make little things here and there.
now i finally feel like i'm ready to take this head on, whatever it might become i know it will be a fun, adventurous, and may be a little scary sometimes. but still fun in the end!

there are many people to thank in their supports, encouragements and in simply loving me. too many to enumerate, of course my family! and here are a few sweet girls!

Jessica: i know! i'm doing it now! thank you!
Lauren: thank you for always being supportive whenever i come up with some off the chain crazy ideas. thank you! thank you!
Bethany: you are the voice of reason in my head. i know that i can always count on you when i need to process things in a more realistic and practical way rather than spinning off to never-never-land. love you tons and thank you!
Amy: you are right, so this is where we are from totting t-shirt boxes to this...we did have fun and thank you!
Grace: our conversation that sunday made me feel optimistic and daring! you have a really cool go getter spirit, so thank you!

and to many others who has been there for me, as i tried to slowly figure things out.

*sorry it's long!

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