lesson in patience

blogger has been severely trying my patience the last couple of days.
it kept on telling me this ridiculous error message: "Your publish is taking longer than expected." not really sure what was up with that it somehow magically fixed itself after almost 48 hours a frustrated energy trying to figure out what's wrong.
check "known issues" and the last posting was for july 9th about problems with photo publishing but nothing about this particular problem.
googled the issue and it occurred to a number of people in 2007 but none of the complaints really offered any solution.
went to publishing help section on blogger and all the options they asked to check and make sure are working properly.

why is it that it's so hard to get a tech support with blogger?
my host service, offer a live chat with a technician when you have questions.
you can even skype them!

which makes me wonder, was large a company as google is why can't they offer better support? it's as if they love to make their customers run around like a headless chicken!

k, i'm stopping!

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