is this me or not?

horoscopes don't mean much to me, sometimes i read the funny one in the back of the jackson free press and laugh out loud because it's entertaining, even though all 12 descriptions could fit just about anybody.
so today when i got an email from a friend that was titled: "read this, destiny is knocking!", i laughed out loud then read it, excepting some silly prediction about how mr. right is going to knock on my door tomorrow or something even sillier.
the email was a description of those born under my sign. and even though i don't know much about horoscopes, signs and what not - i like the fact that i was born on the day a zodiac cycle starts. not in the middle, somewhere in between or at the end, but at the beginning! silly but it makes me feel like i'm at the starting line of something new, being innovative and part of those who are setting the pace.
so anyway, i read the email and stopped laughing because what it said startled me.
my name could have replaced all the 'you' in it. it was a strange reading this description that could be molded to anyone, yet fits me like a glove. this is what it said (it kinda freaked me out, and you can laugh at me, it's okay):

main traits (the good and the ugly...i guess)
# strong-willed / stubborn
# opinionated
# innovative / inventive
# tolerant
# humane / humanitarian
# friendly / sociable
# idealistic
# remote / detached / aloof
# free-spirited / rebellious
# frank / outspoken
# independent / individualistic
# intelligent / intellectual
# leading / trend setting
# engaging
# unpredictable
# eccentric / unconventional
# temperamental
# resentful
# enigmatic
# progressive
# unemotional
then it said:
...even though you have an exuberant and loud personality, sometimes you retreat into yourself and become a temporary loner. this is a trait that makes those around you uneasy, and uncomfortable...(this to me is crazy because i don't like it when people start asking me 1000 times a day if i'm okay, when i just want to be quiet sometimes...this is weird!)
then it goes on to say: dislike interference from others, however helpfully intended. you will only accept advice and suggestion in your own terms (my mom always says that when it comes to me, she learned a long time ago that she would tell me something, and even if i am resisting her or seem uncaring at first, i would come around in the end but would never come out and say that she was right or that i agreed with what she suggested...this thing is crazy! by this time, i was not laughing anymore, i was getting intrigued)

you are drawn toward creative and humanitarian work which will make you successful in a career where you can travel and interact with people from different cultures.
a flaw is your tendency to run head on with your idealistic views to only be disappointed in the lack of humanity in the world in the end. (ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!UNBELIEVABLE)

Among your faults are that your fanatical eccentricity, wayward egotism, excessive detachment and an inclination to retreat from life and society.


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