new year, new you?

going to new york made me realize a few things. while there i thought i got the answer to a question i've had for while. but once home, i knew that all of it was an illusion. i got carried away and only heard what i wanted to hear. met a girl there with the motto: new year, new me! is that really true though? does it really just take the arrival of a new year to make you change your ways? i don't believe in new years resolutions, so i guess there goes my answer.
i do know that i've got to make some changes about a few things. but it's just happens that some truths came my way around this time.
2007 was a year of growth and finding my voice regardless the pain and disappointments that peppered my life. 2007 also woke me up, made me step out of my comfort zone and forced me to truly live the way i strive to live: spontaneously with a carefree and easy going desire for independence. my heart was broken but i survived. i got to go to amazing places and meet many awesome new people, reconciled old friendships and sadly lost a few along the way. a friend helped me to finally heal a wound, a loss that's been with me for a long time. i'm not sure why it is that when he told me to "move on", it became easy to do so.
my heart still misses hasina, i think i will miss him forever. but i, now, know that i can live for the both of us! so when i feel down, i just have to remind myself to see the world through his eyes, and it's easy to smile. he saw the world as a colorful playground filled with laughter, soccer and rambunctiousness; he truly saw the world through the eyes of a child, filled with things to discover, games to play, friends to make and a zest for life. he lived with an incredible energy that could dim the sun, and a heart for life that bursts in many colors.
so for this new year (you can call it a resolution-i guess), i hope to live more to the tunes of my heart, see more places, experience more of life. not really throw caution to the wind, but live a little more boldly, with optimism and a mind wide open.
live, love and learn

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