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It's been a while since I posted here. And I'm really excited to share with you the story of Peru Paper Company. Peru Paper Company is a partnership between my friend Grace Bateman and local women in Trujillo, Peru.

Meet Grace:

Grace grew up in Jackson, Mississippi. She first visited Peru in 1999 and fell in love the country ever since then. The poverty and injustice she witnessed there led to a partnership with the local women of Trujillo, Peru that is now Peru Paper Company. It started with $100 initial investment on supplies, and she did not foresee it to grow to its current success.

"The business now employs fifteen women and has been transforming lives as these women discover new talents in card design and business management, as well as being uplifted by the dignity that comes with work and provision for your own family."
Meet Azucena:

Azucena has worked with Peru Paper Co. from its beginnings in 2005. She lives in the Victor Larco neighborhood in Trujillo with her three young children. Prior to working with Peru Paper Co., she sold candy and snacks in the street to provide for her children. Such work was very dangerous to her and her children, who had to accompany her, playing on the side of the road while she worked. Now with Peru Paper Co., her work allows her to be home with her children, protects them from harm, and provides stable income for their needs.

Because of the amount of time she has worked with the business, Azucena has developed into a great manager. She designs and produces cards, helps with quality control, trains new employees, and helps with management decisions. It has been wonderful to observe her become a confident leader, which has earned the respect of her co-workers and the community.

Meet Monica:

Monica began working with Peru Paper Co. in February of 2008 and quickly became one of the primary designers of new cards. She is highly creative and very gifted in crafting new cards as well as making recycled paper. She was quickly promoted to manager, then started training other women and helping with administrative decisions.

Monica lives in the Manuel Arévalo community with her husband and three sons, and uses her income from Peru Paper Co. to cover their educational expenses. Even her son has commented that he believes this to be her calling in life, for he never knew that she was so gifted and had so much creativity until she began working on this project. Monica loves this work because it has not only provided a steady job in an area of high unemployment, but it has also allowed her to be at home with her family.

Visit Peru Paper Co. to see the process of Making the Cards.

Peru Paper's Company Overview and Mission:

"We produce and sell high-quality, handmade stationary and paper products from recycled materials, employing underprivileged and marginalized women in Peru who would otherwise not have the opportunity to make a livable wage to support their families. We strive for our business to be economically and environmentally sustainable, while maintaining our social goals of improving the lives of the Peruvian women we employ."

Peru Paper Company's Mission is to improve the lives of Peruvian women through operating a sustainable business model.

Peru Paper Company produces high-quality recycled and handmade stationary and greeting cards.

In the News:

Grace's interview with Fox40 in Jackson, MS - See it Here.
Local Business Gets Items in Oscar Bags

To purchase some great green and handmade cards from Trujillo, Peru visit
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Thanks Kristina! You did an awesome job with this!

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Oh wow... this is a wonderful story! What a blessing Grace has been to this special women! Thank you for sharing this 'full of heart' post!

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